04 April 2011

1 Protect Your Computer and Pendrive From Autorun.inf by Panda Vaccination

The Microsoft use the AUTORUN.INF file from removable drives such as pen drive to know which actions to done when a new storage device, such as a USB drive or CD/DVD, is inserted into the PC.
This feature, widely critizised by the security peoples. It is used by hackers. The malware achieves this by copying a malicious executable in the drive and modifying the AUTORUN.INF file so that Windows opens the malicious file silently as soon as the drive is mounted.

Due to the large amount of malware-related problems associated with Microsoft AutoRun Panda security have created a free utility Panda USB Vaccine.This is a very useful tool as there is no simple way of disabling the AutoRun feature in Windows. This provides users with a simple way of disabling this feature, offering a high degree of protection against infections from removable drives and devices.

When vaccinate on a USB drive, the vaccine permanently blocks an  AUTORUN.INF file, preventing it from being read, created, deleted or modified. Once applied it effectivelly disables Windows from automatically executing any malicious file that might be stored in that particular USB drive. The drive can otherwise be used normally and files (even malware) copied to/from it, but they will be prevented from opening automatically. Panda USB Vaccine currently only works on FAT & FAT32 USB drives. Also keep in mind that USB drives that have been vaccinated cannot be reversed except with a format. Thanks


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