21 September 2010

2 Make your old computer fast

We can not pass a day without the computer. But if you click on a programme & it takes too long time to start or web page take long time to open , you becomes angry. It is true that if your computer becomes old, the web page loaded slowly and it took a lot of times to launch a programme.

What happens really :

All the times when you browse internet, downloads programme, install software then junk files will gathered on your computers hard drive, temporary internet files, Software that install but did not like but never bothered to uninstall, emails from your friends and family that are sitting in your inbox, all the junk slowling down your computer.

Why it occurs :

When the hard drive becomes cluttered it begins to slow down. Your computer performance is reduced substantially. The more files you have stored on your hard drive, the more they get scattered and fragmented.
In addition the more files have fragmented the more space will consumed resulting in less virtual memory. That open area or unused space on the hard drive is used as virtual memory. If you have decreased free disk space for data swapping your computer will become sluggish and took a long time to respond a command.

What is the solution :

Then the question comes forward what you have to do ? Will you just through your pc into trash. No, you can follow the next few suggestions. Which i have collected from surfing net :

1. Always keep your hard drive neat and clean.
2. Remove or uninstall programme or files that you dont need.
3. Use the CCleaner software or any other like that to delete junk files.
4. Defragment your computer at least once in a week.
5. Dont rough use your computer, it is machine which needs care.
6. Use an reputued anti virus, antimalware or antispyware software and update it regularly.

There are five major factors that contribute the computer performance. Be sure before purchase.

1. Type of processor. If you want a high performance computer stay away from lower end processor.
2. Maximum availabe cache in a processor. The large cache, a cpu has the less time it needs to access the computer memory.
3. The faster the hard drive spins the faster the cpu can access the data. Most home pc will have either a 5800rpm or 7200rpm hard drive.
4. Front side bus, larger or faster a computer front side bus is better a computer will perform.
5. Random access memory. The more it will be the more the computer will perform.
If you use to play game, probably you can never have too much memory. But if you use your computer for net surfing and email a 1gb is plenty good on a windows xp.

Thanks for reading my article. If you know more about it, please let me know it.


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