13 January 2011

0 Basic Keyboard Shortcut Keys For All Computer

Here are some basic Shortcut Keys

Alt + F>File menu options in current program.

Alt + E> Edit options in current program

F1> Universal Help in almost every
Windows program.

Ctrl + A> Select all text.

Ctrl + X> Cut selected item.

Shift + Del> Cut selected item.

Ctrl + C> Copy selected item.

Ctrl + Ins> Copy selected item

Ctrl + V> Paste
Shift + Ins> Paste

Home> Goes to beginning of current line.

Ctrl + Home> Goes to beginning of document.

End> Goes to end of current line.

Ctrl + End> Goes to end of document.

Shift + Home> Highlights from current position
to beginning of line.

Shift + End>Highlights from current position
to end of line.

Ctrl + Left arrow> Moves one word to the left at a

Ctrl + Right arrow> Moves one word to the right at a


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