31 May 2010

3 Easily add visitor counter widget to your blog

In my blog at the top right corner there is a visitor counter. I have added this to keep update me about the number of visitor and also the visitor can see the previous hit of this site. After searching google, i have found a lot. As i update my blog through mobile, this process i think is easy where no need of even a registration.

Just go to http://www.hit-counter.info . Here you can choose a templet from view all. Starting count means from where your count will start. I honestly keep it 0. In box write down the blog address & add to blogger. After logging in your blog you can easily add the widget.

Or Simply to get a visitor counter copy the code. After logging in your blog go to

> Layout
> Add a gadget
> Add Html/java script
> Then paste the code and save.

If you take your code from hit counter.info, In your blog after clicking the hit counter it will go to hit counter.info. You can stop this by editing html code.

For help pls contact me. Thanks


  1. Thanks for this post, pls knows me, how can I country wise visitor? can you suggest me for my own blog?

  2. I want to see country wise visitor on my blog site


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