06 June 2010

4 Create backlink, share link & increase traffic to your site

             Today i am going to share with you about the back link & link share. The readers of this post may have a blog or website. And we everyone want to increase our website traffic. We want that every day a lot of unique visitor will come to our site and read my articles. Here is some beautiful tips to increase your search engine optimization. For SEO Back link is very important. The link of your site in other website or blog is called back link or incoming link. Many people make mistakes about the back link and page-rank. Google updates its page rank in every 3 months & for this they count the back link (also there may be other process ). That means if your site is important other site will link it. Those site have a higher back link, have a higher page rank & this will help your site to be counted first by Google. Here are some tips to increase your page rank.

(1) Update your website or post new unique article regularly. This will make your reader to come back to your site

(2) Increase back link

(3) Submit your blog or website to web directory.

(4) Carefully determine your keyword.

(5) Increase the sub domain of your site.

(6) Put your link in those site which have higher page rank.

(7) Dont use same title to every page.

(8) Make useful & related comment in famous forum, blog, website etc & put a signature of your site.

(9) Make a site map of your site & submit to Google. The blogger blog don't need to submit site map, as it is automatically done by Google.

(10) At last i will tell you about the link share. It is a process in which you put a link of your friends site in your site & your friend do the same. So make friendship share your link.

(11) Some website & blog are "no follow" that means if you put a link, it will not counted as back link.

(12) Never buy back link from the link farm, google may banned your site forever.

>If you have a question, let me know. So create more useful back link, share your link & increase page rank, increase traffic to your site. Thanks.


  1. this's a good sharing....

    thanks a lot for the sharing....

  2. @camera>You are always welcome.

  3. Thank you for your information. I am new blogger and want this type of post regularly.

  4. Thanks himu, for your comments. I will try my best.
    Best wisher to your blogging


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