16 March 2011

0 Easily Create a Restart Button on your Desktop

Sometimes we need to  restart our computer. Then we go to Start menu and restart our PC. Today i am going to tell toy how to create a restart button on your Desktop. So that you can easily Restart your commuter without going to start menu.

Right-click at any empty area on your desktop and go to New and then to Shortcut

Write down Shutdown -r -t 00
In that command “t 00″ means This command restarts your computer automatically and immediately .
You can change it to any time you need. Just convert the time in second and put it there. For example 30 mins half a minute. Then click on the Next button

Type a name for the Shortcut. I suggest you to rename it Restart.
Then Click on the Finish button. This is the simple way to create a Shortcut Desktop icon for Restart function.
If you click on the Restart, then a new dialog box will appear as “This system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This shut down was initiated by administrator”.
To stop the times if once you click on the Shortcut icon, Open “Run” and type “shutdown -a” which terminates the timer as well as stops the computer from restarting.



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