19 March 2011

1 Change the Quality or Compress your Mp3 file with a mini software

MP3 Quality Modifier is a software that can easily change the quality and size of your MP3 song. As a result it saves disk space and/or to contain more song on your MP3 player. It also keep the level of audio quality and all ID3 tags intact.

How to use the programme-
First drag and drop a MP3 files on the file list. Various information such as the name, interpret, size and bitrate are displayed automatically.

Then select a preset which ranges from high quality to low quality.The process itself takes only a few seconds per song. Other tools, all ID3 tags like the title, artist etc. are automatically retained as well.
Finally the result window allows to compare between the original and created music

Version: 1.41
Size: 641 KB
License: Freeware 
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