11 January 2011

2 Key Board Shortcut Function Keys

Many of us use microsoft word, here is some useful shortcut Function keys of Microsoft Word 2007

F1 Get Help or visit Microsoft
Office Online.
F2 Move text or graphics.
F4 Repeat the last action.
F5 Choose the Go To command
(Home tab).
F6 Go to the next pane or frame.
F7 Choose the Spelling command
(Review tab).
F8 Extend a selection.
F9 Update the selected fields.
F10 Show KeyTips.
F11 Go to the next field.
F12 Choose the Save As
command (Microsoft Office
Button ).

SHIFT+Function key
Microsoft Word 2007
SHFT+F1 Start context-sensitive
Help or reveal formatting.
SHFT+F2 Copy text.
SHFT+F3 Change the case of
SHFT+F4 Repeat a Find or Go To
SHFT+F5 Move to the last change.
SHFT+F6 Go to the previous pane
or frame (after pressing F6).
SHFT+F7 Choose the Thesaurus
command (Review tab, Proofing
SHFT+F8 Shrink a selection.
SHFT+F9 Switch between a field
code and its result.
SHFT+F10 Display a shortcut
SHFT+F11 Go to the previous
SHFT+F12 Choose the Save
command (Microsoft Office
Button ).

CTRL+Function key
Microsoft Word 2007
CTRL+F2 Choose the Print
Preview command (Microsoft
Office Button ).
CTRL+F3 Cut to the Spike.
CTRL+F4 Close the window.
CTRL+F6 Go to the next window.
CTRL+F9 Insert an empty field.
CTRL+F10 Maximize the
document window.
CTRL+F11 Lock a field.
CTRL+F12 Choose the Open
command (Microsoft Office
Button ).
CTRL+SHIFT+Function key
Microsoft Word 2007
CTRL+SHFT+F3 Insert the
contents of the Spike.
CTRL+SHFT+F5 Edit a bookmark.
CTRL+SHFT+F6 Go to the previous
CTRL+SHFT+F7 Update linked
information in an Office Word
2007 source document.
CTRL+SHFT+F8, and then press an
arrow key Extend a selection or
CTRL+SHFT+F9 Unlink a field.
CTRL+SHFT+F11 Unlock a field.
CTRL+SHFT+F12 Choose the Print
command (Microsoft Office
Button ).

ALT+Function key
Microsoft Word 2007
ALT+F1 Go to the next field.
ALT+F3 Create a new Building
ALT+F4 Exit Office Word 2007.
ALT+F5 Restore the program
window size.
ALT+F6 Move from an open
dialog box back to the document,
for dialog boxes such as Find
and Replace that support this
ALT+F7 Find the next misspelling
or grammatical error.
ALT+F8 Run a macro.
ALT+F9 Switch between all field
codes and their results.
ALT+F10 Maximize the program
ALT+F11 Display Microsoft Visual
Basic code.
ALT+SHIFT+Function key
Microsoft Word 2007
ALT+SHFT+F1 Go to the previous
ALT+SHFT+F2 Choose the Save
command (Microsoft Office
Button ).
ALT+SHFT+F7 Display the
Research task pane.
or MACROBUTTON from the field
that displays the field results.
ALT+SHFT+F10 Display a menu or
message for a smart tag.

CTRL+ALT+Function key
Microsoft Word 2007
CTRL+ALT+F1 Display Microsoft
System Information.
CTRL+ALT+F2 Choose the Open
command (Microsoft Office
Although it is impossible to memorize all of them, but practise makes a man perfect.


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