07 October 2010

0 Use the java applications such as mig33 on your personal computer or laptop

Mig33 is a online chatting application that is used in mobile. A lot of people in the world including Bangladesh use this application to chat online. I also use mig33. You need a java emulator to run the application on your computer. I think Sjboy is the best.

First download it from anywhere. Then install it by following the instructions. Now if you run the application it will show error. Now open an .jar file of the j2me or java application. The extension of j2me application is .jar not .jad. .jad is a installation initiator for the .jar. Use right click on a .jar file and from the context menu select open with. Now find out the sjboy application from the list. Check for always open with this application. You may not find the sjboy in the application list. So click browse and from programme files folder of C drive, select .exe file of sjboy.

Okay you are almost done. Double Click on a .jar application and it will run. So now you can chat on mig33, play your favourate java game on pc. Sjboy has the ability to capture the screen and to change the resolution. Thanks


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