10 October 2010

0 Clean your scratched old cd or dvd

It is not a very old time that we use cd or dvd. Many people were fond of that. But now a days cd is not so used. However you can get dvd at any time.

In this article I am going to show
you some tips to fix
scratched CD or DVD and recover
the data within. Every user has
had trouble with a scratched CD
or DVD.
The theory goes like this -
A CD/DVD reader or player uses a
laser beam to read the data on
the disk. This laser beam crosses
the protective plastic layer and
reads the real recording metal
layer. If the protective plastic
layer is scratched, the laser will
be unable to pass. Which results in
non-readable disc. In the case of
data CDs the CD/DVD reader is
unable to read the CD/DVD
properly resulting in reading
errors while in case of audio/
video discs, the CD player skips
when we play it.
If somehow we manage to re-
smooth this protective layer then
the laser will reach the data and
read it, now there are many ways
we can achieve this using
common household item's as
discussed below:

1). Toothpaste - You can
use any non-gel based
toothpaste for this, just put a
very small amount of it on the
scratched area and polish it
gently using a cotton swab,
sometimes the paste may cause
new minor scratches but they
are just superficial. Now just
wash the cd using water.

2). If the above trick does not
work you can try You can also try using some
oil as a polishing agent this also
works many times.

3). some metal polish like
Brasso gently wiping with a soft
cotton ball followed by
application of Vaseline.

4). Baking Soda - make a small
quantity of baking soda paste
and apply using a soft cotton
cloth buffing the bad scratch.
Clean the baking soda before
using the disc.

Please note that
you must take special care while
using the above tips.


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