02 May 2011

0 Top 15 Question and Answer Websites of Internet

Today i am going to show you 15 Question and Answer Websites of Internet. These sites are designed to connect individuals and help them get answers to questions. I have compiled a list of some of the more popular Question & Answers websites below:

1. Yahoo! Answers: 

2. Wikianswer 


3.  AnswerBag

4. Amazon AskVille

5. Yedda/AOL Answers

6. Mahalo Answers   

7. BlurtIt 

8. SimplyExplained

9. IMAnswers

10. AskMeHelpDesk

11. Fixya

12. FunAdvice

13. Fluther

14. Answerology

15. Unasked

ok ! These are not the conclusion. If you know any good site more, don't forget to tell me....

Yahoo! Answers is the largest and most respected Question & Answer site on the web. You can ask questions on any topic, or you can answer questions on any topic. There are no fees to participate. I usually prefer it. 


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