01 April 2012

4 Download Computer Related 20 Free Bangla Book Mediafire Link

Computer and Internet are now a days seen very common in Bangladesh. There are many options for new user to learn computer. Today i am giving you 20 computer and internet related free ebook all in Bangla. Moreover they are in Mediafire Link. So hurry.
See the List below
  1. Quark Express
  2. PHP
  3. HTML
  4. Joomla
  5. Illustrator in Bangla 
  6. Autocad
  7. Macromedia Flash
  8. Adobe Photoshop
  9. Microsoft Access
  10. Microsoft Powerpoint
  11. Microsoft Paint
  12. Microsoft Excel
  13. Microsoft Word
  14. Computer Fundamental
  15. Magician of Computer
  16. Odesk Tutorial
  17. Freelancer Guide
  18. SEO
  19. Internet and Email
  20. Earn by Writing

All Mediafire Links are Dead Now ! So i deleted them. Thanks for visiting. 
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