13 March 2011

0 See the Lyrics while playing the song, Download Minilyrics Now !

Everyone wants to see the lyrics while playing the song. But some times it tooks long time to search the lyrics in internet. And what will happen when you are out of net?

Today i am going to introduce you The Minilyrics7.076. It synchronizes and display the lyrics of the currently playing song. Its an amazing software that enables you to sing like a Karaoke machine. It can support at least 15 different music player. You can catch every word in the song.

At first install the software, then you need to do play the song mp3 file in your favorite media players, and the lyrics will appear automatically. If not appear, fill the artist and title box and click on the search button. It will search on the internet and show some suggestions. Pick from here, it will save it for future. Enjoy it  !  !

Download Minilyrics

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