15 January 2011

1 Convert Your Email ID into Image and Prevent Spaming

Today i am going to introduce you a new site naming by email2image. On a previous post i show you how to convert your email id into a link.

On this site you can convert
your email address or
telephone number to an image. Place this image on your website and your contact address is protected against
spam, because spam bots can
not read this image.

your email: (place email address here)
font:(choose font)
font size:(choose font size)
font style:(choose the style)
italic/bold/ underline/strikeout
image format:(choose image format, i think jpg or png is best.
font color:(choose foot color)
background color:(choose
background color).

Then click on "create your own image!" button, you will get the image format.
Copy it and paste on your website or anywhere you want.


  1. good, it will help to prevent spam or bot.


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