19 January 2011

0 Stopwatch, You Can Measure The Loading Time of a Webpage

I think every website owner should know how long it takes to load his/her webpage? This program will measure the time for you. Enter the URL to be measured and watch the top of the window.

A small utility that can measure the time it takes to download any page on the internet. It saves you
the effort of finding a stopwatch. The StopWatch can only measure websites that can be displayed in a frame. Some websites use javascript to break out of frames. This is not a StopWatch bug.

How does it work?
The stopwatch is a small Javascript that runs on your computer (not the Numion server). It measures the time
between the moment your browser starts to load the URL and when the browser signals that it has finished ("Done" in thestatus bar). The measurement
therefore includes fetching and interpreting all HTML (including frames), images, and Javascripts. It does not include content that is handled by plugins. If the page is in the cache then the stopwatch will measure the faster loading time.


Tip: To reload a page and bypass
the cache of your browser:
Internet Explorer:
Hold the Control key and click the
Refresh button on the toolbar.
Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape Navigator:
Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload button on the navigation toolbar.
Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload toolbar button.


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