12 September 2011

0 Latest News, Price, Launching Date of DOEL Laptop

DOEL Laptop by Bangladesh- It is expected that DOEL Laptop and netbook is going to be launched on 9th october, 2011 by our Prime Minister !!!

There will be 3 models of netbook and one model of laptop available as par the current decision.

model 2102- 10000taka

Basic 0703 -13500taka.

standard 2603 -20500taka.

advanced 1612-26000taka.

We are eagerly waiting for this so called cheap laptop and netbook. Though now a days in that price or with some more you can get branded netbook or laptop. But it our proud to become a laptop producer.
Any news about doel laptop and netbook will be available in my blog as soon as it published. Thanks.


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