09 October 2011

0 Download & How to Activate ESET Smart Security 5, All About ESET 5

ESET is one of the best Antivirus solution for your Computer. This is the latest version of ESET.

System Requirements

Processor Architecture
i386 (Intel® 80386), amd64 (x86-64)

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Home Server

Free Disk Space: 400 MB

Memory Consumption: 100 MB

Internet connection is required for product activation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • ESET Live Grid (Cloud-powered Reputation) NEW
  • Parental Control NEW
  • Smart Detection
  • Intelligent Firewall
  • Improved Anti-spam
  • Enhanced Media Control NEW
  • Advanced HIPS Functionality NEW
  • Gamer Mode NEW
  • Optimized Start-up Procedure NEW    

What New In Version

  1. Fix: Parental control has issues with displaying of user accounts within Windows 7
  2. Fix: too many redundant logs within parental control reports
  3. Fix: issues with installation on other than default location
  4. Fix: issues with re-activation of product in a case of no internet connection

Password: shemul49rmc 

How To Activate: 

By User Name And Password Viewer:
In User Name And Password Viewer you will get User Name And Password. You have to copy and paste it during update. The User Name And Password having green colour is valid and safe to use, and red colored User Name And Password not valid. 

At First Disable Web Access Protection and then open the User Name And Password Viewer. You will get it. Just copy and Paste it.

Installation instructions:

Option 1 (You have not yet installed your ESET product):
1. Run ESET PureFix and click enable.
2. Install your ESET product.
3. Optionally - Reboot.

Option 2 (You have already installed your ESET product):
1. Restart your computer in 'Safe Mode' either by clicking the 'Reboot in Safe Mode' button or following the intructions here - http://www.pchell.com/support/safemode.shtml
2. Run ESET PureFix and click enable.
3. Reboot. 
 How To Remove

Removal instructions:

Option 1 (You are removing your ESET product completely):

1. Run ESET PureFix and click disable.
2. Uninstall your ESET product.

Option 2 (You only want to remove PureFix):

1. Restart your computer in 'Safe Mode' (you can use the safe mode option in the extras tab, or follow intructions here - http://www.pchell.com/support/safemode.shtml)
2. Run ESET PureFix and click disable.
3. Reboot 

OK, Now Finished. If You face any problem, just let me know. I will try my best to solve the problem. Thanks.

In My next post, i will show you the 3rd and most easy way to activate ESET by NodLogOn.


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