10 October 2011

0 How to Download Any File From Torrents

Bit Torrent is a peer to peer protocol that allows us to download any file easily and quickly. µTorrent is a Bit Torrent Client. There are also many other client but i prefer µTorrent.

Download uTorrent

Download Vuze

Then you have to go a torrent website. I think The Pirate Bay is the best and also it is the most popular. Go to The Pirate Bay. In search Box write your desired file, you will get a list of that file.

  • See the quality. If it is positive that means it is good, but if it is negative i suggest you not to download.
  • The more the seeds more good. Try to download file which has most seeds. 
  • Click on Download this Torrent to begin download.
  •  Click on Open With uTorrent
  •  You can select the folder where you want to save the file.
  • In the box you will get all the component of that torrent file, you can select which file you want to download.
  • Then Click on OK. Your download will start.
  • When download completed Right click on the torrent and hit Remove, Otherwise it will act as a seeder.
If any problem occurs, please let me know.

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